Sunday, March 27, 2011

finding the finds

Where do I go to get the best deals?
my local thrift stores, eg. Goodwill, Pawprints, Twice Nice

Estate and Garage Sales

Auctions & Antique stores

Grandma's or Aunties closet

Flea Markets

Many of us love to yardsale, attend auctions, go antique~ing with girlfriends and possibly find the "bargain of the year" but always remember "if you don't need it, don't get it!" I prefer to plan ahead, go with a thought in mind of what I need, not "oooh I love it and someday I will have the time to fix it when I didn't need it in the first place" kinda thoughts.

~ try not to be a ninny and ask for a price cut at the beginning of the sale, you only end up bugging the sellers. wait until the sale is in full swing, maybe one hour into it before you ask for a deal.

~ go with lots of quarters, $1's and $5's when you yardsale. its always better to bargain with so when you see something for $6 or $7, you can show them your $5 and see if they'd take it. 90% of the time they will.

~ auctions.... don't get caught up in the excitement of the sale. bring your phone, check out what it sells for on sites like ebay or amazon. Try and keep the bid at 25-30% less than what you'd buy it for on those sites. that way you've played it safe, didn't over purchase and if you missed out you can always get one online.

~ Thrift stores, do the tire check... kick it (not literally) but plug it in, open the drawers, try it on.  Remember its not a bargain if you get home and it doesn't work.

~ don't forget the classifieds and Craigslist too!


  1. You are so talented!! Love the blog! You go girl...

  2. Aww... thanks Patti, I appreciate it. I just hope I keep going!