Monday, March 28, 2011

going green, reuse, recylce, reclaim!

In this day and age, we have gone through so many catchy phrases like "peace and prosperity" or "real plans for real people." Now the catch phrase is "going green!" well I like vintage, and vintage is truly one way of going green. Your recycling old and reusable items. Here is a list of things you can do with vintage or old clothing:

1. two old sweaters can be altered into the coolest dress.

(a) cut under the arms side to side, you will use the bottom piece for the skirt then (b) cut the next sweater just under the bust from side to side then sew it to the bottom piece. its so simple and looks amazing.

2. again sweaters can be pulled apart to reuse the wool.
3. long midi or maxi dresses can be cut and hemmed to a shorter hipper length.
4. tee's can be used for cleaning and shining your grandma's silverware.

5. for halloween we turn old wedding gowns into the corpse bride gown and resell them for far more then we would in their original state..... there's so much more to list but I'm going to move on for now!

this is an old wedding dress we found for $10 at a yard sale, we "deconstructed" it and sold it for over $300 online


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