Monday, March 28, 2011

obsessed with the "vintage" dress

1940's "Lucille Ball" gown by Christian Dior

 1950s novelty 2 pc cotton circle skirt and sleeveless shirt by Kahana
 1940's black silk Ceil Chapman dress (Black Label)

 1940's Hattie Carnegie nude crepe dress with rhinestones and satin

If there is something I absolutely adore, it's the vintage dress. They were so well made back in the good ol' days. Our mum would find gorgeous dresses at thrift stores, redo, reconstruct or even deconstruct a vintage dress for us. We always felt like we were the best dressed twins in the whole town (well, we were the only twins in town).  These dresses pictured are a sample of what we have sold from our online vintage clothing store. named after our favorite thrift store in the little town where we were raised in New Zealand. The Opp Shoppe! We don't have much listed right now due to being busy (starting blogs and redoing bathrooms and bedrooms) but will in the near future. Check out our online store at for more info.


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