Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tunring You're $5 Keds Into Art!

You can find these shoes for $5.96 at your local superstores.
I found a few ideas on the internet about coloring my shoes but I wanted to do something with a touch of my culture, which is Maori from New Zealand, and I wanted to put inspiring words somewhere in the shoes like a wordle.

I used a black sharpie,
blue, red, purple and silver craft paints,
a small paint brush

I started by writing words over the front of the shoes then added the Maori designs around the sides and back with the sharpie.

I painted the shoes with the colors I liked and even if I made a mistake, I used the sharpie to color it in a little more or repainted it again.

This is how they look now.

Here are some other ideas I found on Pinterest.