about me

The Burkes ... I'm the oldest Barber Twin

The Scharnhorsts ... Maryella's the younger Barber Twin

We love to bargain hunt!  ... but what we love even more is to find and create treasures for next to nothing. 

I'm a mother of three gorgeous but often roudy boys and I'm married to the perfect man, why do I say perfect? he cleans, does the laundry, sometimes cooks and I adore him. What more could a girl ask for?

I was born and raised in New Zealand and am blessed to have my twin sister live eight houses up the road from me. The rest of my wonderful family still live down under which is often tough at times. 

Mel and I both have loved thrifting and vintage clothing ever since we were in our early teens. Our mum would bring home dresses from the 1940's and alter them to our likings.  Always at the knee, capped the sleeves and cut the collars... weird huh?  Since we moved to Sedona, Arizona we started our online vintage clothing store and its a lot of fun. We often sell antique jewelry, vintage handbags, unique one of a kind items, ethnic pieces and so much more.

We have had the pleasure of selling our items to famous designing houses, fashion schools and vintage collectors all over the world. We also have worked on commercial shoots from Disney to Chico's with wardrobe and have consulted, designed and decorated many homes and restaurants in Arizona.

I hope you can find some great ideas from our blog and I hope to gain a better understanding on how this whole blogosphere thingy works.