Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Color of Green

I have noticed more people decorating with the color green.  Its always been one of my favorite colors, usually worn rather than displayed but I love the way it looks in some of these photo's below.

How the color green affects us physically and mentally:
  • Soothing
  • Relaxing mentally as well as physically
  • Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
  • Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

Green apples displayed in a clear glass bowl, chartreuse throw on a white ottoman

The large mid-century green lamp adds 'color punch' to this room

Chartreuse accent  pillows look great with the gray and white

The vintage light pendants are wonderful

This is one of my favorite Fiestaware colors

Just the right amount of green to a neutral room

I like how green is used in decorating for this wedding

Stunning vintage bathroom

Here's a low priced and practical table display, a white bowl filled with green apples

This is one of my favorite styles to wear.  1940s silhouette, pencil skirt dress with short sleeves and a deep V neck.  I'd probably prefer less of the deep V but all in all, its stunning! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Decorating on a STRICT Budget - The Sedona Vacation Home

I was given the task of getting my in-laws home "Vacation Rental Ready" on a tight budget and I did it all under $700 and I'll explain how I did it.  I love shopping at thrift stores or resale furniture stores, yard sales and my own storage unit and I couldn't believe the amazing things I found in our small, little community.

Living room Before

Living room After

Black floor lamp $8
Chenille Sofa $35, pillows from my collection
Leather Sofa brought in from another room
Book shelf $45
old rug from my home laid over the original rug.

Kitchen was emptied and I found a whole 11 piece pot set from the Kitchen Store for $40
Flatware $8
6 pc Bowl set $7.99 from Tuesday Morning

Iron &Tile Dining room table with Suede chairs $75 from a yard sale (Thanks Pastor Cunningham)
$40 Heavy pile rug from Twice Nice Thrift Store 

Master Bedroom

 Candle stick lamps $12 each from the Paw Prints Thrift Store
Gorgeous new quilted King bed set $40 at a yard sale
Extra comforter and cover, pillows from my collection
Bed also from my collection

Small sofa brought in from another room
Slipcover from Goodwill $17

Egyptian cotton towels from Tuesday Morning $5-7 each
Cotton rug set $12 set from Beales
Old chair - freebie, just covered bottom with burlap

Bedroom "One" Before

Bedroom "One" After

 Almost new Seally pillow-top Queen bed $120
Old canvas painting covered in muslin and mod podged sewing patterns on to them, $5 total
Gold framed art work, estate sale finds $20
end table, books, magazines and foot stool, bedding and pillows are from my collection

Hallway Bathroom
Cotton rug set $5 yard sale
Ikea sheer curtains $2 each
Egyptian towels from Tuesday Morning $5-7 
Glass Jar $2 with soaps and shampoos 25c each

Bedroom "Two" Before

Bedroom "Two After
I placed the end tables in the Master bedroom, replaced the end tables with a cherry chest and large wicker toy box.  Both from my collection
Covered Chippendale chair, lamp shades, bedding and loop rug from my sisters collection of goodies!
Candlestick lamp bases $8 each from Paw Prints

The view from the back patio.... Priceless!