Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hair Do's and Knots

I love searching the web for new ideas on what to do with my long hair.  I'm tired of a typical braid or pony tail but this idea "not your average pony" which came from looks great, even with my really thick locks. 
 Knot Pony

Monday, August 29, 2011

Handy Painting Cups

I found these large cereal/soup cups at Target two weeks ago for $1.99 a set of two.  These are PERFECT for painting.  When I cut in around the edges in any room or paint small projects sometimes I want to use a small container and these are not only cheap but excellent for holding.  I slip my fingers through the handle and bowl and the L shaped handle works as a hook around your hand.  Forget the lumber store... go to Target.

Another Chair?

Okay... I couldn't resist this one.  She's beautiful and the $12 price tag really influenced my decision to buy her.  I can see some amazing potential with this velvet tufted chair:
  1. paint the legs white and scuff them.
  2. make a slip cover for it
  3. nail head trim on the arm fronts
  4. the big one.... recover it myself
  5. the easy thing.... clean it and put a great pillow on it like this one below
 Horchow $2,269 or this one....
From Red: Modern lines... vintage finds... custom designs!

Changing from Red to Grey

After 8 years of having the luxurious color of Ralph Lauren Chimayo Red on my bedroom walls I'm painting them a soft Pebble Grey.  I couldn't resist how much it was going to cost me because the paint was free from my sisters garage.... yaaaaay!  The only cost: $10.90 for a pack of three paint roller sleeves from my local hardware store.

 This was my room yesterday!

This is a photo that I used for my inspiration.  Its very French Country and Traditional in style.  I already have the big four poster bed, crystal chandeliers, brocade touches and the only real change would be the walls.

Here's the contrast of the old red walls and the new gray walls.

The dresser was found at Mission Thrift for $20.  I painted it a deep gray,
sanded the edges and painted the hardware a contrasting glossy white.

My $20 Estate Sale chair redo

The mirror was found at Goodwill for under $15 and the crystal candy jars hold some of my jewelry.  I put pearls in one, brooches in another, silver and turquoise in the big jar, this way helps me stay organized and looks great at the same time.

Finally here is a photo of the room finished.  Its a very calming color and I just love it!

My awesome twin sister was at a yard sale and found the bench for me.  It had an ugly pink vinyl top but the wood finish was exactly how I wanted it.... cracked and chippy.  I covered the top in gray and off white ticking and reused the nail head trim to finish it.  Its a perfect place to put your boots or shoes on!

Some Thrify Finds!

 A pair of vintage lamps $20 each

It was a wonderful week for bargain hunting!  I found two huge ceramic lamps for $20 each.  I know! That doesn't sound like a bargain but the price tag was $38 a piece and since they had been in the store over two weeks I knew I could talk them down and the lovely ladies at the thrift store accepted!

I would say the glaze is a soft butter cream, they are large approx 2.5 feet!  I love that they also have a cylindrical diffuser located inside the cut-work that I use as night lights.  I didn't even need to make any changes on these lovelys.... maybe somewhere down the lane I will change them up with drum or oval shades.  Hmmmmmm.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Petit Bebe Shower!

My twin and I hosted a "Petit Bebe" shower for our sweet friend Kristina.  Since we knew the baby was going to be a girl we decided to find all things pink.  Kristina is a professional ballerina so hanging little ballerina slippers all over the house was perfect.  We happened to be at a local garage sale and found a basket full of the slippers, black, pink, all scuffed and the sign on the basket said "free" exactly the kind of shopping I love!

Mel spray painted them silver, wrapped pink bows around each pair and I hung them with fishing line so they look like they just floated in the room.

We hung pink and lilac tissue "PomPoms" all around the room, some large, others smaller, hot pink and soft pink and finished the decorating with displayed vintage baby dresses up with some cute pink and white striped hangers that I also found at a yard sale. ($5 for a box of 50)

 I made some low sugar raspberry cup cakes with a cream cheese "raspberry" frosting, chunky chicken salad, strawberry walnut green salad and fresh fruit and cheese platter for our guests.  Iced water with lemon to quench our thirst.  This whole brunch and decorations cost us a total of $65... I love that!