Tuesday, May 29, 2012

$1 Metal Picnic Table Clock

I was at a little estate sale and came across this old metal picnic table.  It was rusted, had chippy paint, the base was bent and awkward but I had to do something with this beautiful piece of metal.  As I lifted the table sideways and saw the rust lines underneath it..... I knew this had to be a clock.

I have 10' ceilings and this clock is about 4' wide as it is tall and fits perfectly in the kitchen area.

The table was only $1 and the clock ware was purchased at clockparts.com  for only $24.  It was really easy to assemble and I screwed two small pieces of wood at the top and at the bottom so the clock could sit against the wall without being lopsided.

 The clock hands are almost 18" long and the motor only runs on a AA battery

So the next time you come across that old, chipped, rusted metal table, maybe you can make your very own clock or better yet, find something even more creative to do with it!


  1. I love this!! Seriously - it is so cool! Super idea, and so simple.


  2. Thank You for sharing this idea. You have achieved a nice deal after selling clocks.

  3. Hi, I have had this table for 15 yrs. my husband wanted to throw it away for the past 5, for some reason I wouldn't let him, I too thought it could become a clock. look on the internet and here you are... I have a very small house and it would not fit. But, I thought of doing the same thing and maybe posting it on a fb yardsale, glad to see someone else had the same vision. Great minds think alike. Now to do it and to come up with a price - how much do you think I could ask for something like yours? Have you had a lot of people loving it? I also have a round glass table with rusted metal around the sides the same size, and maybe put a picture behind the glass, what do you think. Thanks for your idea!!