Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid Century Treasures and a Simpler Time

When I think of an era I love, I think of the 1940s through to the 1960s.  From the clothing to the decor and how things seemed more simpler and less fussy but.... I do love the convenience of our newer kitchen and laundry appliances.  Can you imagine how long it took to cook, sew, wash laundry back then and mundane things such as curling your hair.

I love vintage clothing!  Have I mentioned that before? The structure and design was superior to what we have today just look at these two dresses below for example.  The first was made for curves.  Its shirred and tucked in all the right places and the second was designed to flatter your bust but notice how the neckline isn't low cut?

1940s Ceil Chapman I found at a local antique store.
1950s Kamehameha Dress I found on eBay for a steal... the gal had the dress displayed on a hanger and it looked drab.  A good mannequin gave it the right pizzazz it needed.

Furniture from this era was superb with its simple lines as with this Herman Miller chair with "Eiffel Tower" legs.  We found a pair of these in the dumpster at our storage facility!  I thought these would go perfectly around my outdoor fire pit until I did some research and found out they were collectors items.  So... yup, we cleaned them up and one went to Germany and the other went to Japan. 

A few days ago we (twin and I) came across these absolutely fabulous Lucite containers at an estate sale which threw us back to our Mokau Beach days (my home in New Zealand) where mum had her big old plastic containers full of flour and sugar, Milo which is a malted hot chocolate and salt.... yep, they salt everything down there and way way way too much.

This Lucite magazine rack was right next to the canister set and for memories sake I purchased them all for whopping $10 total.  They showed a bit of wear but I knew they would clean up nicely and I'll figure out what I want to do with them later but for now "here's to the memories!"
Woven paper and Lucite Magazine Rack and below the beautiful Lucite container set.

Tip:  Estate Sales are better the second day.... most items are 50% off!


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