Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Chair?

Okay... I couldn't resist this one.  She's beautiful and the $12 price tag really influenced my decision to buy her.  I can see some amazing potential with this velvet tufted chair:
  1. paint the legs white and scuff them.
  2. make a slip cover for it
  3. nail head trim on the arm fronts
  4. the big one.... recover it myself
  5. the easy thing.... clean it and put a great pillow on it like this one below
 Horchow $2,269 or this one....
From Red: Modern lines... vintage finds... custom designs!


  1. I am looking for a chair just like the one you found! Please tell me where I can find one like this that cheap...I would put nailheads on it just as you said as well. I really want a velvet grey tufted chair. 2 actually :)

  2. @Anonymous

    I found it at a thrift store... Sorry, it was such a good deal. They are so hard to find but I know if your searching for something new, World Market (Cost Plus) and Pier 1 has something similar for under $200.