Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marie Antoinette... "let them eat cake!"

Have you ever pretended to be a queen for a day.  No modern minimalism but extravagence, glitter, sparkle and indulgence!  Certainly something Marie Antoinette was very well known for.

Last Saturday my friend Cheryl hosted a"Marie Antoinette" themed birthday party.  She is one of the most gifted people I know who can entertain "Royally" on a "Commoner's" budget!

Her home was decorated with pinks, white, baby blues, soft yellows and light greens.  I loved the Eiffel tower on the cake table which was made out of cardboard and mog podged with old music sheets to give it a vintage look.  The ruffled table cloth was a gorgeous bed skirt from a local thrift store, and the tables were embellished with rose petals, ribbons and birds.

There were scrumptious cupcakes, coconut macaroons, fluffy and colorful marshmallow candies, chocolate dipped strawberries, cream puffs, lollipops and so much more.... and that's just the dessert table!

 She tried to keep close to the Sophia Coppola Marie Antoinette movie serving chicken cordon bleu, a strawberry jello mold, croissants, asparagus, quiche lorraine, French cheeses and  French Champagne.

All of the decorations were collected over time from thrift stores, borrowed from friends, the dollar store, yards sales and ordered online, like the fans that were placed on each table setting for the guests.  Cheryl also found these beautiful French milled soaps at Marshalls for a steal.

Tea was served in grandma's vintage china and it was a perfect way to end an excellent evening!

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  1. I want to party with you and your friends! Looks like a great time. I might have to borrow this idea.